The TRUTH About Marijuana

Why would a clean, natural drug that treats multitudes of diseases (and proven safer than Aspirin)be illegal?? In the last year, 55 million Americans used marijuana. Chances are you didn’t notice but people get high every day. Why are people so afraid to legalize weed?

Why would this wonder drug be illegal?

  1. Presently, no one has ever overdosed and died because of marijuana in 10,000 years.
  2. Researchers at Stanford state that weed smokers have a higher sex drive.
  3. Weed slows glaucoma’s progression and can prevent blindness!
  4. It can control epileptic seizures.
  5. A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading.
  6. It decreases anxiety in some people.
  7. THC slows Alzheimer’s disease progression

The History of Weed

It is shocking that the US outlawed marijuana because of racism. As one legislator said, “All Mexicans are crazy and this stuff (marijuana) is what makes them crazy.” they must not have heard of white crazies like Bonnie and Clyde or Ed Gein?

Weed has celebrated a 10,000-year flawless history as a therapeutic medicine for many cultures. In fact, it may have been one of our first agricultural crops.

On March 22, 1972, the Schafer Commission was smart enough to realize that marijuana shouldn’t be on the Schedule I list and even doubted its designation as an illicit substance.

Nixon denied their recommendations, and marijuana remains a Schedule I substance.

Has it taken this long to reassess the issue? Didn’t we realize Nixon shouldn’t be our role model for being a good, wholesome person?

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

Weed was outlawed on the national level in the US by the Marihuana (yes, they spelled it that way, back then)Tax Act of 1937. The reasons for this law are outrageous and obviously set by ignorant racists pointing the finger at marijuana.

During marijuana hearings, officials said that weed caused “men of color” to become crazy, violent and worse yet, weed made them try to have sex with white women! I’m sure the (white, male) legislatures must have exclaimed “No! We aren’t getting laid as it is!” Sounds more like some insecurity issues, than a marijuana problem.

Insecure guy

The government told this ridiculous tale, “A boy who had become addicted to smoking marihuana cigarettes, in a fit of frenzy because, as he stated while still under the marihuana influence, a number of people were trying to cut off his arms and legs, seized an axe and killed his father, mother, two brothers, and a sister, wiping out the entire family except himself.”


Of course, no evidence that any of the government’s statements were true.

Weed doesn’t make you go on murderous rampages. People choose to do crazy things regardless of what drug they are on.

Weed has side-effects like: laughing too much, profound thoughts and enhanced creativity.

Legal pills have side-effects like: cataracts, suicide ideation, nasal fungal infection, anal leakage, coma or death, glaucoma,  and fatal liver tumors. Trust me the list goes on!

Honestly, I rarely go a day without smoking a bit, but if I don’t have it… I’m not going to rob a store to get more! I’m certain that most people who rob, rape and kill others, are either drunk at the time or they have psychological issues (or both).

The weed connoisseurs I’ve known have been calm, intelligent, polite and good-natured. People who smoke weed are not evil like the government wants you to believe.

Weed smokers aren’t lazy, idiots they portray on TV either.

Steve Jobs was known for smoking weed (and taking LSD) to enhance creativity and help with relaxation. He did pretty well for himself (Apple computers and iPhones…). Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft Windows) used marijuana as well and now he would lose money spending the time to pick up a $100 bill. Chances are those 2 weed smokers are responsible for the device you’re reading this article on.

Abe Lincoln, (former US President) enjoyed smoking marijuana and has stated that “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” So, weed doesn’t turn people into stupid, slackers.

Other highly successful pot smokers include :

  • Michael Phelps – Champion Olympic swimmer
  • Brad Pitt
  • Barack Obama
  • The Beatles
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Bob Dylan
  • Anna Faris
  • George Clooney
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Carl Sagan
  • LiL Wayne
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Jim Carrey
  • Dave Chappelle
    and many, many others…

Marijuana – a Schedule I Drug?

The DEA included pot in the list of schedule I drugs. They say that “Schedule I drugs have a high potential for abuse and the potential to create severe psychological and/or physical dependence.” They stated that these drugs have no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Clearly, weed is not dangerous, it can’t kill anyone and it treats so many diseases. Greta Carter an entrepreneur, and founder of a chain of clinics expressed that:

“What we know is that the VA has clearly identified the benefits of marijuana on post-traumatic stress syndrome. We also know that parents who have struggled daily with children suffering from seizures and movement disorders go to extremes to relocate their families to states that will allow them access to the medicine.

We’ve heard from patients with AIDS and Cancer who find benefits from cannabis. There are studies outside of the US that actually show tumors being reduced with cannabis treatment.

I find it unconscionable that we as a country that have over 500 deaths a year to aspirin, and none to cannabis in its entire history would ever try to stand in the way of this plant being readily available to whomever might seek it.”

If cancer sufferers, epileptics, glaucoma patients, innocent people stuck in prisons don’t make you think outlawing weed is wrong, look at the benefits for the non-smokers.


You could make massive amounts of cash from this crop.

$46 billion, the illegal market constituted 87% of marijuana sales last year. Money that you (and generations after you) could easily benefit from. Unlike other products, the cannabis industry doesn’t need to create demand. It just needs to move demand for an already popular product into legal channels.

I like money

If you know anything about business you will know about supply and demand. Currently, we have an incredible demand for marijuana but no one is allowed to supply it. This forces people to buy weed from drug dealers on the streets. The profit gets stuffed into the drug cartel’s wallets. Furthermore, this means that our economy won’t benefit from this continuous profit. We lose big time.


Here are 5 qualities any product needs to be successful according to

1. It is easy to demonstrate.

2. It offers a solution to a problem many people have experienced

Pain and/or depression are both common issues.

DEPRESSION – Marijuana has been used to treat depression throughout history. In 1621, English clergyman Robert Burton recommended its use in his book The Anatomy of Melancholy. Doctors in India were actively using it to treat their patients’ depression.


PAIN – Zach Walsh, a professor at the University of British Columbia.

If people use cannabis as a replacement for opioid medications, or to get off of opioids or cut back, we could see some pretty dramatic public health benefits. The level of opioid overdoses is so high right now.”

3. It is easy to manufacture.

  • Get marijuana seeds
  • Throw the seeds outside (they call it “weed” for a reason)
  • Wait
  • Done

4. It’s a reasonable size.

A small bag can fit in your pocket or purse. You can slip a joint behind your ear.

5. You have a clear business plan.

  1. Get the weed (preferably where it’s legal)
  2. Tell people you have the weed
  3. They buy every last bud you have
  4. Repeat

Booker’s Bill to the Rescue!

August 1, 2017, Booker, the former mayor of Newark, introduced a bill to reverse decades of failed drug policy that has impacted communities.“You see these marijuana arrests happening so much in our country, targeting certain communities — poor communities, minority communities — targeting people with an illness,”.

This is the single most far-reaching marijuana bill that’s ever been filed in either chamber of Congress,” Tom Angell, chairman of the group Marijuana Majority, stated More than just getting the federal government out of the way so that states can legalize without [DEA] harassment, this new proposal goes even further by actually punishing states that have bad marijuana laws.”

“Polls increasingly show growing majority voter support for legalization,” he said. “So this is something that more senators should be signing onto right away.”

Booker’s Bill Seeks to:

  • In order to lift the federal ban on weed, Booker’s bill seeks to remove it from the list of Schedule I drugs.
  • Cut federal funding for state law enforcement and prison construction if a state disproportionately arrests low-income individuals and/or people of color for marijuana offenses.
  • Provide for a process of expungement and re-sentencing for marijuana offenses at the federal level
  • Create a “Community Reinvestment Fund” of $500 million to invest in communities most impacted by the war on drugs. This is for programs such as job training, reentry, and community centers. Part of the funding will come from the cuts to state law enforcement and prison construction.

“These marijuana arrests are targeting poor and minority communities, [and] targeting our veterans. We see the injustice of it all.”

Finally, if you ever have a chance to vote for legalizing marijuana. Go ahead and vote to legalize it (no one has to know) then enjoy the boost to the economy and maybe get yourself some cash-flow too.

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  3. This was a fascinating read! While I don’t necessarily think of marijuana as just a misunderstood herbal supplement, the way that it is demonized is ridiculous! I think honesty is the best policy when it comes to preventing drug prevention. I was the best pot head ever for about 4 months, but it made me anxious, I do miss it though!

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