The Truth About Gay Marriage

If you still believe in ancient texts like the Bible, Quran or Koran, Talmud … any religious books… you might believe that gay people are sinners and do not deserve to have rights like you do (even though you are a sinner as well).

Bible bullshit

If people are not hurting others, then you do not have the right to take away their rights. Why do religious fanatics think it is their job to tell people how they should or shouldn’t live their lives? Even if the “sinners” are not affecting other people’s lives negatively? I’m sure you wouldn’t even notice if your neighbor Tom was fooling around with George. Even if they were dating for decades, I promise your life would remain the same.

Religious PERVERTS

Why would you go out of your way to point the finger at gay people when you know that you “sin” just like they do. Why would you be so interested in what other people do in their bedrooms?  It kind of makes these religious nuts, a group of perverts.

Psycho Christian Filled with Christs Love

Do they think that they are so high and mighty that they can change who people love?? I promise you will never be successful with that feat. No matter what kind of laws you set in action… it does not matter.

No Christian epiphany will change who people love. You can only change your own perceived defects. You have no right to even try to change other people when they aren’t hurting anyone. So get over it and get a hobby.

Why waste time and money focusing on how other people have sex? Are gay people obsessed with how YOU have sex? What if your favorite sexual position was illegal? What if you couldn’t get married because of your preference?  The rest of the world should mind their own business and focus on something IMPORTANT that they have the power to change in their own lives.


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