Religion is okay in moderation but it can consume your life and your sanity. You might eventually realize that the religion myth you to believe was a story to scare you into acting right.

We are much smarter than we were 2,000 years ago. People are realizing that religion is a waste of money, time and focus. Many people don’t want to give up  religion because they like belonging to a group.

You could still join groups. Check out I’m sure you’ll find a fun group and I am sure they won’t threaten you with eternal damnation. What if you spent a moment before a meal to express gratitude for your current life and the people you have in it?

Learning the truth shocking and sad at first. It’s just as painful as when you where little and you learned that Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny were illusions to make you behave and feel all special and happy inside. When you realized the truth, you were sad for a little while, but you got over it. It’d be quite odd if you still believed in Santa.

Modern people have more common sense and self-control than societies 2,000 years ago. You don’t need religion to make sure that you don’t murder or rape anyone. It’s also best if you don’t steal or lie.


“Sinning” will mess up your life even if you don’t get caught. Whether you’re punished with bad situations or mental anguish, you will suffer. Chances are with today’s technology and forensics, you will get caught and karma’s a bitch.

Religion doesn’t make you a good person and the following people are proof of that.

The Worst of All People Were Religious


I’m sure you have heard of a little Christian group called the Ku Klux Klan. They were/are a bundle of ignorant dumbasses and an embarrassment of American history. They were hell-bent on the belief that they were enforcing “God’s law” by torturing and killing people who weren’t like them.

They believed they were the “chosen” people (the white race). That’s laughable because their Bible states that the JEWS were the chosen race. What a bunch of idiots!  They have murdered and tortured blacks, Jews, and gays since the Civil War!

Ed Gein

Ever hear about a guy named Ed Gein? Ed inspired the movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Psycho”.


Religion messed him up real bad! His mother was a big-time, devout, Puritan who drilled her preachings into little Eddie’s brain until her death in 1945. He was close with his mother and he became deranged when she was gone.

Ed remembered his mom’s religious preachings about the sins of lust and how sexually active single people should go to hell.

He felt it was his job to take down the “sinners” himself.

Ed never dated and never had sex … well … not with another living human. He wasn’t a lady’s man but he was a lady-killer!

His hobbies at the time were: lurking around cemeteries, killing women, digging up female corpses to sex with them and tennis. He also enjoyed making human face masks (made with real skin!) Not to mention his assortment of skin lamps, belts, and skull bowls. Unfortunately for him… The Ed Gein Collection never took off.


How about that religious cult leader Charles Manson?


Manson used persuasion, drugs, and religion to train his followers to do his bidding. His cult robots did everything for him, including murder.

If anyone tells you to kill someone, they are controlling you. They don’t care if you died in the act. You’re nothing to them. You should leave that person or group and never go back.

Religious Cult Leader Vernon Wayne Howell (Waco, TX Massacre)

The Branch Davidians, a sect that separated from the Seventh-Day Adventist church. The young Vernon Wayne Howell memorized the New Testament by 11 and impregnated a 15-year-old when he was 19. It appears he forgot a few verses.

By 1983, he was kicked out of a 7th Day Adventist Church for fooling around with the pastor’s daughter! Vernon went crazy (or more so than before) and began calling himself a prophet. He was able to gain followers because of his good looks and magnetic personality. He eventually claimed he was Jesus Christ.

weird He moved his followers to a ranch in Waco, TX. Officials attempted to invade the ranch for suspected gun violations and ended up with for government officials being killed.


So, the FBI jumped on the scene and battled the Branch Davidians for 51 days. They ended up torching the ranch and killing 76 people and children.

Horrible! These are just a few examples of how religion can make you lose touch with reality and go crazy.

So, Beware of Religious People

I’m not saying all religious people are evil, I just mean don’t assume people are good because they’re religious. In some cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Leaving kids with a priest is a bad idea.

You don’t want your son to turn out like this guy!

If you do bad things, you can bet bad things will happen to you. Your life will become a “living hell”.

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Who do you think was the worst religious person?

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