The Worst of All People Were Religious

Religion can consume your life. You might eventually realize that the whole religion myth you have been brought up to believe, is just a waste of money, time and focus. Many people don’t want to give up the illusion of religion because of the feeling of belonging to a group.

You could still join groups that you attend weekly. Maybe something you find interesting and exciting?? Perhaps something that’s fun and has no guilt of imperfection. What if you spent a moment before a meal to express gratitude for your current life and the people you have in it?

I used to be a Christian and it is quite painful to find out it was all made up thousands of years ago. It’s much better to go through that pain than to believe a lie for the rest of your life.

It is just as painful as when you were little and you learned that Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny were illusions to make you behave and feel all special and happy inside. You were sad for a little while but you got over it.

You don’t need religion to ensure you not murder or rape people. Just don’t do anything that will hurt anyone. This is simple and does not require you to be “perfect” nor does it threaten eternal burning. Religion doesn’t make you a good person and the following people are proof of that.

The Worst of All People Were Religious

You shouldn’t need a book or a god to tell you not to rape and murder people. Rapists and killers know all about religion… many of them are DEEP into religion.


For instance, I’m sure you have heard of a little Christian group called the Ku Klux Klan. They were/are a bundle of ignorant dumbasses and an embarrassment of American history. They were hell-bent on the belief that they were enforcing “God’s law”.

They believed they were the “chosen” people (the white race). They have murdered and tortured blacks, Jews and gays since the Civil War. I’m not racist but I am prejudice about racists. These guys need to be sent to an island where they can be alone with their dumb white asses for life.

Ed Gein

Ever hear about a guy named Ed Gein? The movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho were inspired by Ed.


Religion got his ass good! His mother was a big time, devout, Puritan who drilled her preachings, constantly, into little Eddie’s brain until her death in 1945. He was obsessively devoted to his mother. After she died he became increasingly deranged when she wasn’t there.

Ed remembered his mom’s religious preachings of the sins of lust and how sexually active single people should go to hell. He felt it was his job to take down the “sinners” himself.

Ed never dated and never had sex … well … not with another living human. His hobbies at the time were: lurking around cemeteries, digging up female corpses and having sex with them. He also enjoyed making human face masks, skin lamps, and skull bowls out of body parts but The Ed Gein Collection never took off.


But he was a good Christian and he returned the unused spare parts to the grave. Lovely.

How about that religious cult leader Charles Manson?


Manson, used persuasion, drugs and religion to train his followers to do his bidding. His cult robots did everything for him, including murder.

So, anyone that thinks he is a murderer is wrong because he never got his hands dirty. Either way, he was still fucked up for using religion to control people.


Vernon Wayne Howell (Waco, TX Massacre)

The Branch Davidians, a sect that separated from the Seventh-Day Adventist church. The young Vernon Wayne Howell memorized the New Testament by 11, and impregnated a 15 year old when he was 19. It appears he forgot a few verses (like so many religious people).

By 1983, he was kicked out of a 7th Day Adventist Church for fooling around with the pastor’s daughter.  He began calling himself a prophet. He was able to gain followers because of his good looks and magnetic personality. He eventually claimed to be Jesus Christ.

weirdHe moved his followers to a ranch in Waco, TX. Officials attempted to invade the ranch for suspected gun violations and ended up with four government officials being killed.

So the FBI jumped into the scene where they battled the Branch Davidians for 51 days. Eventually, they ended up torching the ranch and 76 people and children died.

Horrible! This event was also the motivation behind the Oklahoma City bombing, two years later. These are just a few examples of how religion can make you lose touch with reality and go crazy.

Yes, religion breeds hate and IS dangerous and subconsciously traumatic. Spending your time imagining a man in the clouds is watching you and pretending invisible “angels” are flying around protecting you is silly and not normal human behavior.

Don’t terrify your children into believing there are “demons” lurking around every corner. Teach them about how to live a good safe life, right here in reality. You don’t need to study ancient texts to know how to be a good person.

If you do bad things, you can bet bad things will happen to you. Your life will become a “living hell”.  Don’t hurt others and continually strive to be your best. Easy!

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