Revive Your Laptop with Linux Mint

You know that you have that ancient laptop in your closet that might as well be in a “laptop grave”, never to be used again. You will feel pretty badass once you completely revive it with Linux Mint by using this one secret…  Linux.

I’ve been on Linux since 2009 and I’ve never needed to use Windows since, even when I was in college. They have a free office suite called LibreOffice that is a free version of Microsoft Office (you just save your files in MS Office format (docx).

It’s not for just computer enthusiasts anymore, your Grandma could use it. Plus, you will feel even cooler when you are using it (nerdy is sexy).

Watch this YouTube and see what you’ve been missing out on.

It’s like you will have a top secret operating system, with an elite group of coders working 24/7 to make it even more amazing daily,  where almost all of the apps are free, 10x faster, 10x safer and viruses are so rare that you don’t need an anti-virus. 498 of the top 500 supercomputers as of Nov 2017 100% of the top 500 supercomputers… run Linux.

If you are new to Linux and you have an old laptop you aren’t using, you might as well try it out. You have nothing to lose.

I am certain you will want to stick with Linux once you try it. Windows is infuriating to work on after being spoiled by the luxury of this free OS. Linux doesn’t ever tell me it’s “not responding”, it installs the drivers I need once I plug in a device, I don’t have to download drivers, it’s ready to go.

Also, it’s highly unlikely you will ever get a virus (those are targeted at the unlucky Windows users), no anti-virus needed (they slow down your computer anyways) and it will make an old laptop quite snappy and a new one AMAZING. Yes, I am a bit passionate about Linux.

Things you’ll need:

  • an empty flash drive
  • the internet
  • about an hour
  • an old dusty laptop (all data backed up)

So, now that you have all of the above, get on a computer (that is already up and running) and plug in your empty flash drive.  

Step 1 

Download Linux Mint (I like the Cinnamon edition, but you can choose).

Download Rufus

When they are done downloading open up Rufus and make sure it’s set for your USB, set to format to FAT32 and check the box “Create a bootable disk using ISO image”.

Now, click on the little disk icon. 

Find your “LinuxMint.ISO” file and choose it. Then click “Start” on Rufus. 

When Rufus is done, close it and reboot your laptop.

Step 2
As your laptop starts revving up again click the ESC, F12, DEL, F2, F10 or possibly F1. Your computer will tell you which key to press to get you into the “Boot Menu”,  “Boot Device Options” or BIOS (it is different on different computers).

Get to the “Boot Menu” and use the keyboard arrows to highlight your USB drive and hit enter. 

Choose “Run live session and install” if it asks.

***** The live Linux Mint OS will start up **** 

Go to the panel where your wifi signal is and connect, or plug in your ethernet cable. 

Click the “Install Linux Mint” icon on the desktop
 (don’t worry this won’t hurt a bit!)

Linux Mint desktop

Now, choose your language and click “Continue”. Check the box to install 3rd party apps and ” Continue“.

Choose “Erase hard drive and install Linux” (this will delete Windows and good riddance! Say goodbye to buying anti-virus and office programs! Most all of the apps and games for Linux are free!)

Next, it will ask you for your timezone, username, and password.
Linux will tell you when it’s done installing. 
When it does finish, pull out the flash drive and reboot the laptop.

Now it will boot right into Linux Mint, your hip, fast, basically virus proof and beautiful new laptop!

Congratulations! Look at you, you just installed LINUX!  😉 GENIUS!


If you ever run into an issue, most of the solutions are just a Google search away. Also, I am happy to help you if you are stuck or have any questions. Enjoy!

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