10 Incredible Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the key to living longer, looking younger, and being healthier. It helps you to lose weight and alters your hormones to keep the weight off. This isn’t a wonky dieting fad, fasting has been used for health and longevity for centuries.

A common fasting method is to abstain from food for 8 hours alongside 8 hours of sleep, then you can eat for the last 8 hours.

Most people are programmed to believe they must get 3 meals every day.  But, it might be the reason they’re depressed, overweight, tired, and look older than they are.

Eating every 3 or 4 hours can cloud your mind, cause premature aging and block your ability to burn fat.

Your body needs time after eating to digest. After digestion, it needs to rest to maintain and repair itself. Fasting allows your body to repair cells and alters hormone levels to allow access to body fat.
We do most of our internal maintenance while we sleep. It forces us to stop eating for an extended amount of time.
This break is great for our mental clarity, attitude, memory and it boosts energy levels.


During sleep other systems get cleaned out and repaired. But the digestive system hasn’t had time to stop working and start maintaining itself.

Then before you know it your alarm goes off and one of the first things you do is eat breakfast. Thus, destroying this amazing 16-hour fast halfway through.



  • When you eat try to stick to proteins, green veggies, fiber, and some fat. These foods will shut down your hunger hormones.
  • Don’t hang out around easily accessible food while fasting. This is a popular mistake.
  • During your fasting hours (at least at first) go to a park, go camping, hiking or swimming. Being in nature has a calming effect and will hold your attention away from eating.
  • Some say it’s best to start and stop fasting in the evening.
  • Before you try intermittent fasting, check with your doctor. You can fast even if you have thyroid problems. Find out if your thyroid is working properly by taking this quiz.


 Here are 10 reasons why you should try intermittent fasting.

1. Intermittent fasting prevents and kills cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease caused by uncontrollable cell growth. Studies have proven that intermittent fasting can prevent cancer.

Inflammatory cells are what enables cancer to grow and become stronger, survive longer and migrate across the body. Fasting clears out inflammation.

For those who already have Cancer, this fasting method can reduce the side-effects from chemotherapy and stop tumor growth.

 Researchers found that multiple cycles of fasting combined with chemotherapy cured 20 percent of the lab mice with a highly aggressive type of children’s neuroendocrine cancer.

No lab mice survived if treated only with chemotherapy.


2. It allows your body to lose weight by burning fat

When you haven’t eaten in a while it’ll turn to your fat storage for energy.

Bodies usually want to protect, store and hoard fat. If you can’t access the fat how can you ever get rid of it? Fasting is the key to being able to burn fat and it will also teach you how to not eat for comfort or boredom.



3. It boosts your natural human growth hormone


The human growth hormone has incredibly powerful anti-aging and longevity benefits, but in particular, HGH can improve cognition, provide neuroprotection, and increase neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells). Additionally, it can slow aging, help you burn fat and allows you to gain muscle.

Don’t buy HGH, it is not recommended and can cause lots of issues. Instead, use the natural HGH in your body. It’s customized for you and a lot safer.

4. Intermittent fasting will supercharge your energy

You might be wondering how you’d have so much energy when you haven’t eaten all day. This is because intermittent fasting improves mitochondrial biogenesis (just a fancy name for creating new mitochondria).

Mitochondria are also known as “the powerhouses” of the cell. They’re loaded with energy to power the cells to do their job. They exist in networks that change shape according to energy demand, but their ability to do so declines with age.

Your cells use the food you’ve eaten and transform it into energy. But if you haven’t eaten for a while it will access it’s highly guarded, fat storage. Fat gives you more energy and is more efficient than carbs.


5. It kills inflammation

Inflammation might not sound like such a big deal until you find out it causes some scary diseases including:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes

Musculoskeletal inflammation:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

Chronic inflammation:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Cancer

    Fasting gets rid of inflammation with the following methods.

    Autophagy — Allows the body to destroy old or damaged cells and cleans them out. If the old cells stay in the body they will build up and create inflammation.

    Ketones —A byproduct of the body breaking down fat when carbohydrate intake is low.

6. Fasting triggers the immune system to attack cancer

In 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States alone. The latest cancer research from the University of Southern California has focused on making the immune system kill cancer cells itself. Usually, the immune system only kills pathogens and viruses.

The researchers discovered that an intermittent fasting diet alongside chemotherapy (for cancer sufferers) caused the immune system to target and kill cancer cells. 

They also found that the cells that would usually protect tumors (T regulatory cells) were blocked from entering them. 5 out of the 8 cancer types responded well with just fasting and no chemo. Being hungry for a little while is worth it.


7. It creates more brain cells


Your body has a lot of work to do. If you cut digestion out of the equation (by fasting) you can increase rates of neurogenesis in the brain. Neurogenesis is the growth and development of new brain cells and nerve tissues. That’s a good thing.

All cells in the body die and are cleaned out of the body, then more cells are created to take their place. We ultimately get an entirely new body every 7 years. The maintenance of cells is much more efficient if the body isn’t partly working on digestion.

8. Intermittent fasting helps with neuroplasticity

 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein that supports the survival of existing neurons. It also encourages the growth, regeneration, and creation of more neurons and synapses.

The brain can physically change and adapt throughout a person’s life. This is also known as neuroplasticity. When you do something new or practice a skill BDNF builds or increases the depth of physical pathways in the brain.

After lots of practice, the pathway is so fine-tuned that you don’t even have to think to perform like a pro. This process is called “muscle memory” or neuroplasticity. Intermittent fasting has been shown to boost BDNF by 50–400%. 


9. It relieves depression


Chronic inflammation can impact every part of the body, including the brain. Inflammation in the brain can cause anxiety and depression. Intermittent fasting can clear out inflammation and increases levels of BDNF.

Not having enough BDNF can cause depression and anxiety. It’s been shown to play a preventative and therapeutic role for mood disorders.


10. Anti-aging benefits

A study done at Harvard revealed that intermittent fasting slows down the aging process. They did this by studying C. Elegans (nematode worms) which live just two weeks, fantastic specimens to research the aging process.

They tried intermittent fasting for the worms. Near the end of the 2nd week, they discovered that the mitochondrial networks were pristine and in a fused or “youthful” state.


Finally, give intermittent fasting a try and become a younger looking, happier, thinner, more energetic and above all healthier version of yourself. So, eat an early dinner, afterwards, don’t eat anything for the rest of the night. Skip breakfast and begin eating again at noon. Just 16 hours of fasting. Half of that time you’re sleeping so it’s really just 8 hours of conscious fasting. You can do that.

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