10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is one of the most valuable attributes to have today. As technology advances it will be crucial to have plenty of irreplaceable human ideas so you don’t lose your job to a computer!

You can avoid this (and improve your life) by increasing your creativity. Imagine always having ideas on tap to solve problems or remedy negative situations.

Originality is vital for success in all aspects of life. Luckily there are techniques you can do to become more creative.

Here are 10 proven ways to give your creativity a boost:

#1 Don’t think, just do it

It can be intimidating, at first, to do new things. It sucks to be a “noob” (or newbie) but don’t let this stop you. There’s so much to learn but remember you don’t need to know it all at once. Take your time and learn a little bit each day.

The subconscious mind doesn’t want you trying new things. It likes making you do the same things every day. It’ll steer you in every other direction and send you off track. You’ll have to bust through this trap and just start doing what you need to do.

#2 Practice


If you want to be more creative practice actually doing your craft. You can’t read about painting and expect to be an amazing painter. You’ve got to paint. Every day.

Practicing lets you get into “flow” where you’ll be filled with creativity and focus.


#3 Embrace Solitude

Are you surrounded by people every day? All that sensory input can be very draining. Cutting yourself off from the chaos (for a while) lets your mind unwind. Remember, a relaxed mind is a creative mind.

If you flip out every time you’re alone then refocus on your work. Hone all your attention into your craftsmanship and push yourself to do better every time you practice.

#4 Free Your Mind

Take some time to let your mind run free by either daydreaming, drawing or writing down ideas. Research also shows that if you play an instrument or go for a walk you’ll have more innovative ideas.

Try “free flow writing”. This is where you write everything that pops into your head at random. Write constantly so you don’t mess it up by thinking. Let loose your mind on the paper or keyboard. You might stumble upon several amazing ideas.

#5 Challenge Yourself

“If you don’t use it, you lose it” applies to creativity. Creativity is like a muscle you must exercise it in order to strengthen it. Don’t practice the same things every time, push yourself to try more advanced techniques.

#6 Do Something Completely Different

If you want to wake up your creative mind. You’ll want to throw it off track by doing something completely different. Our subconscious likes to keep us running in the same circle. It thinks it’s keeping us safe but it can really hold you back. You’ll need to break free from this cycle.

Show your subconscious who’s boss by doing something you’ve never done before. This will shock the subconscious into high alert and you’ll reap the benefits.

#7 Allow yourself to mess up

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success. You won’t be an expert on your first try. So make them and keep going.  You’ll need to repeatedly try, mess up, then fix what doesn’t work. “Fails” should be expected, not feared. Pressuring yourself to be perfect will stifle your creativity.

#8 Relax


People think that if they try hard enough they’ll get brilliant, life-changing ideas. But creativity doesn’t work like that. You can’t whip your mind into submission so it gives you great ideas on command. It will rebel against you by shutting down. However, research shows that not working is where breakthroughs are born.

#9 End Negative Thinking

An optimized brain is calm, fed, hydrated and happy. Yes, giving yourself a good mood enhances how well your mind works. On the other hand, if you let negative thoughts take over you’ll be at a loss for original ideas.You’ve got to clear out these thoughts first. You can meditate, workout or do some yoga to get rid of the junk. Then get back to work but be positive about it. You’ll find things will go much smoother.

#10 Brainstorm


Once you have a relaxed, happy mind then brainstorm for ideas. Write down any problems and then several solutions or ideas. See how many things you can come up within 5 minutes.

Next, look at your paper and cross out the horrible ideas or those that won’t work. Refine your solutions till you create the best one.

Have you tried these methods before? Did they work for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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