10 Reasons NOT to Go to College

Many people believe that getting a college degree guarantees them to get their dream job. They were deluded into believing it will make everything in life fall into place. Turns out, this is not true.


College enrollment has been declining since 2010. Many for-profit schools are being shut down. People have learned that going to college can be the most expensive mistake they make in life.

Parents are programmed to think that it’s loving to force their children to go to college. People are making their kids begin “the game of life” 4 years behind peers (who started working after high school). Not to mention the poor graduate will start out with thousands of dollars in debt.


Some jobs like a surgeon, veterinarian, or a doctor should require a degree because someone’s life is in your hands. But, most other jobs will equate a year of experience to a year of college.

For instance, Forbes said that 67% of supervisor job postings required at least a bachelor’s degree. Yet only 16% of the current supervisors had a degree. Something is amiss.


Here are 10 reasons not to go to college

1. The debt

Americans have built up a mountain of student loan debt that has soared to $1.45 TRILLION DOLLARS. The cost of going to school has shot up 500% over the last 30 years, with no added value. In reality, the value of a degree has decreased.

The cost of college has increased 400% in the last 30 years. Although the median household income growth stayed about the same. As a result of student loans debt soared to cover the difference.


2. The Proof that you don’t need a degree to become rich and successful

I asked an old boss if he preferred hiring people with or without degrees. He said people without degrees because they usually have actual experience. They also aren’t afraid of hard work and they‘re more hungry to succeed. Degree holders usually feel entitled like they deserve to not work too hard.

In reality, bosses don’t care about pretty, overpriced pieces of paper, they just need someone who can do the job. The following list of people is proof that you can become vastly successful without a degree.

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft Windows)
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook)

Also, the founders of the following companies:

  • WordPress
  • Dropbox
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Dell
  • Mattel
  • Hobby Lobby

Listen to what Elon Musk has to say about getting a degree.


3. A degree doesn’t guarantee or entitle you to get your dream job

Many people will graduate from college, in the hopes that they will get their dream job.  Only to realize they can’t get hired and end up moving back to their parent’s house.

They find that after graduation they still struggle to get hired for their dream job. Today employers aren’t as impressed with their degree as they had hoped.

Not even Albert Einstein could get a job after he got his degree. He attempted multiple times to get a teaching job to no avail. He even applied repeatedly to be an assistant. Reluctantly, he accepted facts and became a patent clerk.

I knew a woman with a Master’s degree that worked as a server for the entire 2 years I knew her.

They don’t tell you this in the college TV ad. Watch the video below and see what a truly honest university’s commercial would look like.

4. Colleges don’t teach you the skills you need for a successful, productive life

You don’t learn the skills you need to survive in the “real world” at college. Many of the vital life skills are learned first-hand from trying new things, making mistakes and failing.


The following important life lessons are free and are self-taught

  • Resiliency: Failure is normal, how to get over it.

  • Strong Relationships: Business and Personal

  • Emotional Coping Skills

  • Organizing, planning and following through 101

  • Goal setting and attaining

  • Win/Win business deals

  • Budgeting

  • Maintaining your home, cars, and computers

  • Character building


5. University core classes waste half of your education

Most of the core classes won’t benefit you in the future and have nothing to do with your major. These mandatory courses are a complete waste of time and money. This is will prove unnecessary and won’t be used outside of the classroom.


6. Getting an education sets you up to become a slave to money

“The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The moment after you’re hired you lose most of your human rights (privacy, speech, and so on). You will scamper around according to your master’s strict agenda. You’ll get punished if you upset them.

Your boss wants you to think you’re valuable to the company, but you are just another “human resource”. You’ve become office equipment. If you start having problems your boss can replace you like a used tool.

You’ve merged into the faceless mass of workers. You’ll have to suck up to your boss every day. Because he’s the reason you get paid a fixed, minuscule amount of the company’s earnings. Regardless of how much money you’ve made for the business.

You need that paycheck so you can pay… your student loans.


7. College is STRESSFUL


The 2nd leading cause of death in college students is suicide. The finals, the exams, the projects, the assignments they all fill up your schedule. If you don’t want to live with your parents then you’ll have to work while still maintaining your grades.


Chances are your job will be part-time and it won’t be confidence boosting. Nor will it be in the field you are studying (unless you intern). It will dramatically add stress to your life because you won’t have the time to do your best on your schoolwork.


8. You need to start working ASAP



If you attempt to get a Bachelor’s then you will waste the next 4 to 6 YEARS of your life. In that time you could have used to learn a profitable skill-set. Not wasting it by sitting in class, taking tests, and studying for subjects that won’t benefit you in your future job.

By the time you graduate, your peers who went to work right after high school could own a thriving company or 2!

Can you imagine how well off you’d be if you had invested the money that was wasted on college?

If you invested your college fund in an IRA, passive income, stocks, and bought a company you’d be way better off. Much better than your friend who just graduated and is now in a horrific amount of debt. Add minimal life and job experience to the mix and the grad is essentially screwed from the start.


9. The worst way to make money is by working for someone else


If you do find employment, you’ll notice that you are making the company owner a ton of money. But you keep getting the same minuscule paycheck every week. If your performance starts to dip, you might be fired at any moment. Why put your entire sense of security (and your family’s) in someone else’s hands?

You’d probably make much more income working for a boss than you would if you worked for yourself.


10. Most of the information you need to start your own business is on the Internet


Become a self-taught expert in your field. There are massive amounts of information on this device you’re looking at right now.

You can learn the skills you need to succeed for free. Take advantage of the many YouTube tutorials, online courses, and e-books. Google your dream job and what you need to learn to do it. Then, get started!

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