6 common mistakes

6 Common Life Mishaps You Must Avoid

The growing pains of wisdom are the mistakes you make along the way. They contain priceless lessons that will allow you to reach your full potential and avoid unnecessary hardships.

It is okay to make mistakes or run into mishaps, actually it’s one of the best ways to gain wisdom. I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’m sure you have too. But if we don’t take the time to think about what we should learn from the situation, it will keep happening. This will stifle your progress not make you wiser.

Trust me it’s easier to learn from someone else rather than live it yourself. Here are just a few of the possible mishaps you should avoid.


Mistake #1 Holding on to Self-Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever caught yourself thinking one of these thoughts?

  • I can’t.
  • I’m too old to change.
  • I don’t have the energy.
  • I’m not motivated.
  • Why even try?
  • I don’t have enough time or money.

After several repetitions of these phrases, your subconscious will accept them as true. You better believe it has the power to make it happen. It has made most things occur in your life so far.

Build wisdom and awareness by paying attention to your thoughts. Don’t allow self-limiting messages.


Mistake # 2 Not Self-Reflecting

“An unexamined life is not worth living”  – Plato

Taking the time for introspection is healthy and can help you see where you are in life and where you want to go. Ask yourself “What” questions instead of “Why” because that will make you focus on restrictions and negativity. “What” questions will keep you positive and interested.

  • In my life, what matters most?
  • What am I doing to improve the most important things in my life?
  • How should I live, knowing I will die someday?
  • What do I need to change about myself?
  • What’s my purpose?
  • What could I do better next time?
  • What’d I learn from this?
  • What happened?


Mistake #3 Forgetting to Have Fun

Don’t forget what actually matters and that is that our journey here is all about enjoying life experiences. We are so busy that we forget to appreciate being alive.

What have you loved doing in the past? Think about all of the things you did that brought you happiness. Write them down.

Find some time where you could fit in your favorite activities. Here are some examples.

  • Take a road trip with friends to a new place.
  • Go camping, fishing or hiking
  • Draw or paint.



Mistake # 4 Regretting Past Mishaps

Spending more time worrying than “doing” is a popular mistake. Thinking about the past is a waste of your time and mental space (unless you are self-reflecting to learn from it). Realize how detrimental these thoughts are and choose to let them go.

In order for you to release these worries, you need to forgive yourself and others. It’s only through forgiveness that you will be able to release this suffering.


Mistake # 5 Not Prioritizing Your Time and Efforts


Many people spend huge amounts of time doing meaningless, unproductive activities. They distract themselves from even being able to think. It is much easier to turn off your brain to play games and scroll through Facebook.

They’ve realized that they’re burning time away. But still, they’ll sit there and procrastinate. Later regretting all the time they’ve wasted.

To start being productive you can download a free app or buy a physical planner. As long as you use it daily, it should help you get hold of your days.


Mistake # 6 Being Too Busy


We should be striving to become better humans every day. But, we shouldn’t overwhelm ourselves with goals and tasks till we’re paralyzed with stress. Then nothing gets done.

De-clutter your life. Simplify your agenda. Ditch the activities you don’t really need to do. You’d be wise to cut everything that isn’t essential but do the best you can (especially in your work area).

All in all, wisdom’s growing pains are the mishaps you make along the way. They contain priceless lessons that will allow you to reach your full potential and avoid unnecessary hardships.

Have you made any of these mistakes?


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