6 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Focus

We need to focus now more than ever, yet, we live in a world filled with distractions. Technology is moving at an incredible speed and if you can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. 


Your ability to concentrate can make or break your success in life.

Can you imagine if you had the focus to work on your personal projects or boost your potential? We gain happiness and confidence when we progress toward our goals. Wouldn’t you feel amazing if you published that book you’ve always wanted to write? What if you fine-tuned your skills and sold some of your artwork?



Don’t waste time on useless tasks instead of working towards your goals. Time and life are precious commodities, and you can’t get a refund for wasted time. Each moment that you’re alive is incredibly valuable. Don’t throw it away like it’s nothing!

Try the following steps to improve your ability to focus and get things done.


1. Wear Headphones


Whenever I’ve got work to do you can guarantee I’ll be wearing headphones. Most of the time I don’t have anything playing through them but they help me to block outside distractions. This way I can focus on my thoughts and my project. It also gives the appearance to others that you are busy and don’t want interruptions.


2. Focus on Organization


Clear off your desk of everything that isn’t necessary, this will help avoid distraction. You’ll also save time by not stopping to look for items you need for your project. 

3. Write Down Random Ideas


Often when I’m working on a project I’ll notice other things that need to be done. Then I’ll start doing the new thing and it’ll take forever to get back to the original task.

I found that if I write down my random thoughts, I can work until I finish what I was doing. Don’t start a new task until you finish the first. You’ll be much less productive if you’re always switching projects.


4. Stop Multitasking


Businesses and customers want to hire the most efficient workers.

Toss any positive thing you’ve heard about multitasking right in the trash. It’s now well-known to be a major killer of productivity. If you want to get things done then you’ll have to develop single-mindedness and work on one task at a time.

Don’t fall behind because you’re doing several things at once.


5. Block out time to focus

Block out time to focus

Have you wondered why simple tasks can take you a long time to complete?

If you have to work alongside distractions, you’ll underperform on your project. So, set up a time to get things done, tell family members you’ll be busy and to not disturb you. Put your phone on silent and put it in another room.

The University of California found that after an interruption, it takes people about 25-minutes to get back to work. 

6. Schedule Time for Distraction


When things need to be done, people try to “cram” and work non-stop to try to finish. Always running your brain on full blast is a recipe for burnout and for killing productivity. A break might feel like a waste of time, but relaxation time is where most epiphanies occur. Archimedes was taking a bath when he discovered volume.

Taking scheduled breaks is a crucial key to concentrate. The brain cannot sustain, constant focus. In fact, the average attention span for adults is from 15 to 40 minutes longAfter that, you’ll be much more susceptible to distractions. Your motivation will weaken and slip away and soon, you’ll be playing a game or watching TV.


So, above all, always strive towards your goals and keep refining your skills. Don’t succumb to the distractions. Hold the utmost value in yourself and your life.

You don’t want to feel regret on your deathbed because you didn’t attempt the things you always wanted to do. Make your future-self proud and get started on that daunting task now!

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