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8 Valuable Tactics for Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere. Sooner or later you’ll meet one of them or have to work alongside one. You’ll see them on the highway, in the workplace, gossips, negative people they can pop up anywhere. You’ll never be free of them so it’s best to retrain yourself to deal with them.

Here are 8 ways to deal with these horrible humans.

1. Don’t Take Their Actions Personal.

Chances are they are flipping out at you because of something they are mad at about themselves. They feel something is attacking their self-confidence so they react defensively. This has nothing to do with you.

2. Stay Calm.

Just because this person has no emotional intelligence doesn’t mean you have to play their games. Don’t react to their nonsense. Being the strong stoic type will help you to dominate the situation. They won’t like that and will go on about their day to find another victim.

3. Choose Your Battles.

Not every issue is worth fighting for and not everyone is worth it too. Remember, you have a choice whether to partake in a heated discussion about something stupid. Fights can escalate and leave both of you damaged emotionally. If they do something horrific then let them know that won’t fly on your watch. Other times you’ll need to just walk away.

4. What Are Their Intentions?

People assume what other’s intentions might be. They are almost always wrong. If someone cuts you off or even passes you on the highway they haven’t one-upped you in any way. They don’t even know you. They could be rushing their wife to the hospital. You are, therefore, upset for no reason.

There’s always an underlying issue below the surface that causes people to act hateful and rude. Perhaps, they had a bad childhood?

Most people don’t know how to cope with these feelings so they take their frustrations out on others. This never works, it strengthens the tension they feel inside.

5. Let the Difficult Person Know Your Objectives

Sometimes the person might think you are being difficult to them. Let them know what your intentions are or maybe tell them you’ve been stressed. Tell them what you want from interactions with them. Strive to find a way to a peaceful outcome.

6. Give Them Respect.

You can’t expect them to treat you respectfully if you are always fighting with them. Try being nice to them and see how they squirm.

Being nice can only go so far though. Don’t be a door mat.

7. Have Some Empathy.

One of the best ways to deal with difficult people is to try to take their perspective and see what’s going on. Have empathy for the hardships they have gone through. It’s sad that they never learned how to cope with the pain.

8. Ignore Them.

After you have tried the above methods then you’ll need to ignore them. They want to win your attention for their foul behavior. Maybe they had to fight for attention from their parents. Let them know that won’t work with you.

In short, there are many types of people we must interact with on a daily basis but those moments don’t have to affect you. You choose whether or not you engage with them and their games. Find out what is really bothering them and see if you both can find a solution. A peaceful conclusion is always the goal.

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