About Me

I am the owner and author of Wisdom4Freedom.

I live in Houston, TX at the moment. I’ve also lived in Wyoming, Missouri, Arizona, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

On Wisdom4Freedom I share my insights about life to open other’s eyes to the truth. That knowledge can change their lives for the better. I don’t force truth, everyone should decide what they want to believe. Well, here are some interesting facts about me.

 I’m an INFJ

I’m an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) personality, this is the rarest personality in the world. The main strength of an INFJ type person is their intuition. I can’t help but see through things that others can’t see. This is part of what wisdom4freedom.com is all about.

I analyze things from a global standpoint and find flaws in humanity’s patterns

This video will explain more.

I’ve had Crazy Experiences (WARNING this is going to get real)

I’ve almost died several times. The last time in 2015, I had a horrible asthma attack (cat allergies) and I got a fast, fun-filled ambulance ride to the ICU. I got there and had to be intubated. My oxygen was at 34% and I was delirious. I fought several male nurses who were trying to put the tube down my throat. Luckily (with enough paralytics) they were successful. 

Another near death experience was from an appendectomy. Things went bad and it infected my insides and eventually resulted in septic shock. It was severe pain. I had to stay a month in an ICU and had a drain coming out of my lower back.

I’ve learned so much from these (and other) situations. I have a new appreciation for life and a curiosity about it. Why are we alive? Are we supposed to be striving for something specific?

Life is short so it’s important to become aware of any false beliefs you’ve been holding on to. Some of these distortions you’ve told yourself, others are from what others have said. It’s far better to know the truth in life so you can avoid making major mistakes. I hope you enjoy Wisdom4Freedom.com and subscribe below. Have an amazing day!

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