About Me

 Hi! My name is Sheryl Barnes.

I created Wisdom4Freedom right after getting home from the ICU in 2015.

I’m not always at the ICU, but I’ve had several close calls with death. In 2015, I had a horrible asthma attack (adorable kitten allergies) and was sent to the ICU to be intubated. I don’t recommend that at all.

Another time (2011) was from an appendectomy that infected my insides and resulted in septic shock. Not fun. I had a month in an ICU with a drain coming out of my lower back for 2 months. It really sucked. Having these experiences really made me think more deeply about life and death. I think these bits of wisdom should be shared to benefit others.

I live in Houston, TX at the moment. I’ve also lived in Wyoming, Missouri, Arizona, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Whew!

I can relate to almost anyone because I’ve been through so much, lived so many places and done so many things.

It’s important to seek and share wisdom. I believe in lifelong learning and self-betterment.


I’m controversial, but someone’s got to be


I will say what needs said even if no one else will. I’ve always been a natural nonconformist.


I’m quite different than others, in fact, I’m rare.

Not to be all “Look at me! Look at me!” but that’s what an “About Page” is for, right.


I’m an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) personality (you should find out yours too, it’s interesting!) This is the rarest personality in the world.

The main strength of an INFJ type person is their intuition. That means I am very perceptive. I analyze things from a global standpoint and find flaws in humanity’s patterns.

I like learning why we all do the things we do and how we can live better. INFJ’s seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events, with an eye toward better understanding of themselves and others. Using their intuitive skills, they develop a clear vision, aiming to better the lives of others

Also, I have AB negative blood type (the rarest in the world). People with this blood type are known to be spiritual and intuitive. They are very friendly, empathetic, trusting, emotional and passionate.


I’m the person to come to for life insights, advice and information on living a better life.

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If you have any questions, thoughts or anything, feel free to e-mail me at phoenix@wisdom4freedom.com

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