Amor Fati: The Recipe for Human Greatness

Amor fati is believed to be the formula for human greatness. It’s the acceptance of events (good or bad) that occur throughout one’s life. Not only to accept that it happened but to embrace it, and even love it. The most painful times in life can eventually give you lifelong wisdom.

Hard times make people try harder and they grow more because of it. The situation becomes the fuel for your potential.

Those with an Amor fati mindset make the best out of whatever life throws at them. They believe that one must let go of things they can’t control to achieve happiness and success.

Amor fati (Latin for “the love of fate”) followers accept all that happens in life (good or bad). They don’t wish things were different and they don’t regret the past nor do they fear the future.

“You ought to be preparing yourself…to hear truths, which no inflexibility will be able to withstand,” – James Madison in a letter to Thomas Jefferson.

Pain is for your benefit, even if it that doesn’t seem that way. Trust that you have the strength to change this obstacle into an opportunity.

Stop fighting it and let it happen. Accept and embrace the potential dreams that this pain can give you.

If everything always went your way, you would be painfully bored.

The following Amor Fati virtues will lead to wisdom and fulfillment.


1. Learn from the stoics

Amor Fati and the stoics

The Stoics spoke of the logos (or the universal guiding force of the universe). Logos gives us 2 options.

  1. We can struggle to control the inevitable.
  2. Or we can let go of this obsession to change things that aren’t for us to modify.

Since we can’t change the past, it’s best to choose to love and embrace it. The Stoics believe that acceptance of situations is a requirement to living a fulfilled life.


2. Accept that it happened

Amor Fati

Many things in life are beyond our control. Give up trying to control the uncontrollable (like what other people do or think). You can either be exhausted from struggling to change things (and failing) or you can accept that occasional misfortunes will happen and that’s okay.

What you resist, persists.

Amor Fati

Don’t judge events or yourself as “good” or “bad”. It is just something that happened. If you accept this, then you will release its power over you.

Don’t wish things turned out another way. You can’t do anything to change the past. You only have now and you can only control yourself.

3. Change Your Perspective


People and situations will appear and they will vanish over time. You must accept that you have no power over other people’s choices… so you’ve got to let them go.

Decrease your attachment to the event. You will survive, it might hurt for a while but you will be in a better place afterwards.

Embracing past sufferings does not mean you approve of what happened. You realize that you can’t change it so it’s better to accept the situation. Then try to make the best of it.


4. Amor Fati allows you to enjoy the peaks and valleys of life

Amor Fati allows you to enjoy the peaks and valleys in life

In essence, the main idea of Amor fati is to accept and embrace all of life’s experiences. Save time and energy by not worrying about things you can’t fix. The best thing you can do is to love whatever happens. Don’t fight reality, you’ll never win.

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