Transform Your Mindset INSTANTLY with Binaural Beats

In the past 50 years, audio technologies have developed sounds that can induce the same brainwave state as meditation immediately, by listening to certain tones. One of the most popular forms of sound technology used for this purpose is known as binaural beats.

We think 50,000 thoughts per day, up to 70% of those are negative. Negative thoughts can cause chronic stress, which will change the function and structure of your brain.

In fact, every thought you have will change neural pathways and the output of brain chemicals, creating a cascade of effects (good or bad) on health and emotional well-being.

One of the most popular forms of sound technology, used for changing the brain’s vibrational state, is known as binaural beats. Binaural beats are sounds that can induce the same brainwave state as meditation, by listening to certain tones.

Scientist Melinda Maxfield, researched ancient tribal drum beats the drum beats used during rituals noticed that their drum beats held a steady rate of 4.5 beats per second.

This consistent beat induces a trance-like state for the tribe, due to the brain shifting into a low Theta brainwave state.

These sounds waves give you the power to manipulate your brainwaves by using binaural beats.

Each brainwave frequency alters a specific state of consciousness (or state of mind).

binaural beats

You can create binaural beats by playing two different tones at different pitches into each ear. This is why you should wear headphones as you listen.


The tones will play at a consistent, rhythmic manner and have powerful healing and spiritual benefits.

The 3rd frequency does not really exist. It has been created by your brain itself.

So… do you want to try it? Sure you do! Here is a raw, binaural beat. Listen to it with headphones.

  1. When you have both headphones in (or on) your ears, play the YouTube and notice that the tones make a single pulsating sound. Now, remove 1 earphone (left or right, it doesn’t matter).
  2. You will now hear the pulsation disappears when you remove the earphone, and it comes back immediately when you put the headphone back on.
  3. When you wear both headphones, you will hear a pulsation from the 2 tones intermingling together, the brain perceives the 3rd tone from its interpretation of the left and right tones (a binaural beat).

Congratulations! You have just entrained your brain with a binaural beat!

Binaural beats cause the brain to synchronize, or entrain, itself with the beat frequency. Although, the sounds you hear do not create the brain entrainment.

Entrainment occurs because inaudible frequency tones or pulses are embedded in the sounds. The soothing sounds that you hear mask the actual carrier tones or pulses.

You’ll have to listen for at least a few minutes of the video to start feeling the effects.

So, how do you want to feel today?

Click play on the associated video to your desired mindset.

Gamma (32 and above Hz) the highest frequency brainwaves are great for cognitive enhancement and energy.


Beta (16 – 31 Hz) for focused attention and heightened alertness.



Alpha (8 – 15 Hz) for relaxed focus, accelerated learning and getting into “flow”.

Your brain enters the alpha brainwave state almost immediately every time you close your eyes.

 The alpha state is believed to facilitate a bridge between conscious thought and the unconscious mind. Many brainwave meditations seek to induce this state.

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Theta (4 – 7Hz) for inducing deep relaxation and meditation.


Delta (below 4 Hz) To sleep deeper, access subconscious, healing and pain relief.




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