Diamonds are a Rip-Off

De Beers diamond company is among the most corrupt and powerful monopolies in modern history. We are raised to believe that diamonds symbolize love and commitment. Those who are wise know the shocking truth. They know that these common stones actually represent lies, greed, corruption, and violence. 4 million people have lost their lives in its trade.

Blood Diamonds

First, blood or conflict diamonds must be mentioned. These are diamonds that are illegally traded to fund conflict in war-torn countries. Innocent people and children are captured and thrown into slavery. They are forced to mine for diamonds by digging in mud by hand. Military guards force the slaves continuously dig for diamonds.

There have been attempts to stop this madness. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme required diamond to be certified “conflict-free”. They believed this would stop the trade of blood diamonds.

Unfortunately, this method failed. Diamond marketers will advertise that they are “blood diamond free”. But, they have been lying to us since the beginning. So, I wouldn’t trust them.

Diamonds Are a Rip-Off

Every day men get duped into spending 1-3 months of their salary on a useless diamond. Once you leave the jewelers your precious rock immediately loses over half of its value.

Just because you paid thousands of dollars for a ring does not mean the ring is worth thousands of dollars. The only reason it costs that much is that you were willing to pay it.

Ever wonder where the “rule” about the man spending 1-3 months salary on the wedding ring came from? The De Beers diamond company programmed that “tradition” into our minds. Those evil bastards!

Want your money back? Jewelers know the real value of diamonds (not what De Beers advertises). Why would they fall for their own lies?

They suckered people into overpaying for this commonplace product by telling them it’s an infinitely valuable item. But, truly it’s a diamond a dozen out there. So much so that they aren’t even that valuable. In fact, they overcharged you 200% for the diamond, so why would they fall for their own scam and pay that much for it back? 

Do you want an extra payment every month? Ask yourself, how deep in debt do you want to be before you even say “I do”?  Especially since money issues are a major reason for divorce.


Diamonds are Not Rare


Unfortunately, that ring on your finger is only an illusion of something rare and special. Most wives have the same, basic, generic diamond ring. Some have 1 to 3 stones or the one big diamond with little ones encircling it. You know it’s not unique if everyone else has one. Boring!

Although it is true, that diamonds are the hardest of natural substances, that’s as unique as it gets. Among the other gemstones, diamonds are actually the most common. Watch this video to see the rarest gemstones.

Because the non-diamond stones aren’t overpriced, you can afford to get your ring hand-crafted. I chose this route.

My wedding ring is a light blue sapphire with little pearls on the inlays of a white gold band. Handmade in Italy. Although it wasn’t cheap, it’s much less expensive than having a standard diamond ring. Not to mention it’s unique. 

Also, I’d much rather give my money to an entrepreneur craftsman than a corrupt diamond monopoly.

When I buy a ring or necklace I make sure that there are NO diamonds on it. Not even a little one. I refuse to support what diamonds really represent: human suffering, lies, greed, death, and violence. I’m anti-all-of-that.



How De Beers Creates the Illusion of the Diamond’s Scarcity


In the 1800’s, people didn’t know how or where to find diamonds so De Beers told everyone they’re “rare”. But, soon people figured things out and South Africa was overflowing with diamonds. People were hauling these rocks out by the tons and the diamond market became saturated. This was bad news for a product that relies on it’s perceived rareness.

By 1888, De Beers controlled most of the world’s diamond supply. They started hoarding mountains of diamonds in storehouses. They also restricted the distribution so there aren’t too many out there at once.

Diamonds are not as valuable as you’ve been told. De Beers is still trying to pretend it’s the 1800’s and we think diamonds are rare.


Alternatives to Diamonds

Wouldn’t it make sense to not choose the default ring everyone else has? Are you planning on being a default wife?

If you are a creative type, then you should check out the many varieties of non-diamond gems and jewels. Some sparkle more than diamonds. Many of them are more impressive and eye-catching.

If you want to give up on diamonds, but you like the way they look, then you are in luck. Moissanite is a beautiful clear gem, with more sparkles than a diamond and rarer too. Insanely, rare.

These gems were manufactured and shipped to us from the stars. Moissanite is created in space, then sent to Earth on meteorites.

A long, long time ago a massive meteor smashed into the Arizonan desert. Later in 1893, Henri Moissan was studying that same crater and found shimmering microscopic particles. He thought they were diamonds but they were much better.

He discovered that these gems were created by stars, then shot down to earth on a meteor.

There’s no way he could get the stars to pump out more “star diamonds”. So he worked until he synthesized the particles to equate the space gems (which are made of silicon carbide).

Moissanite is considered, to this day, to be one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones. It’s also just below the diamond on the Moh’s scale of hardness at 9.25.

If you think other stones are cheap, ugly or not valuable think again. Non-diamond gemstones are uncommon and more valuable. Not to mention they come in any color you can imagineThis will allow you to get much more creative with your ring and get one that better reflects your personality. No one else has to wear it their whole life but you.


Actual Rare and Valuable Gems




Red Beryl 

A single Red Beryl is found for every 150,000 gem-quality diamonds.






Extremely rare.












All things considered, don’t feel bad if you have diamonds. What’s done is done. But you can help stop the violence and lies by not buying them anymore. Simple. You now know the truth and you’re too smart to be fooled by sparkles of light in a polished rock. 

The ring isn’t what matters in a marriage anyway so don’t mess up your finances for it. 

Diamonds should be as taboo as wearing fur, but more so. We should be shocked by the audacity of someone to show up to a party wearing diamonds. At least a fur coat doesn’t torture or murder millions of people.

If you buy a generic, standard diamond engagement or wedding ring, stop and think. Is it worth it to fool this woman into thinking she’s getting something rare and valuable? Especially when it’s presence may have cost many others to die? How far in debt do you want to be in when you two start your new life together?  Have a great day!

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