10 Simple Steps to Achieve Enlightenment

Enlightenment empowers you to live a more peaceful, happier, and more fullfilled life of your choosing. It also enables you to finally release the fears and doubts that have held you back in life.

People are interested in becoming enlightened. After being lied to for their entire life, they come across a small truth. This awakens them and creates the desire to learn as much as possible. If one thing they believed isn’t true, how many other things could be false out there?


The enlightened ones are reaching their fullest potential in all aspects of life. You can see they’ve have gained a high level of understanding themselves and the purpose of their existence.


Those who have been enlightened know that many of our perceptions have been distorted, by the illusions created by society, religions, media, parents, and our government.


Enlightenment helps us to see past the delusions.

The subconscious is naive. It’ll believe whatever it’s told repeatedly.

So, if you imagine that you suck at life and no one likes you, you will believe it is true because the subconscious believes it. In fact, your subconscious will make it true by directing your decisions.

This experience isn’t just for Buddhist monks, we can all become more enlightened if we practice these 10 steps.


1. Start with the desire to become enlightened

Write out why you would like to be enlightened? What would you like to achieve with your enlightened state?

  • Quit worrying about things you have no power over.
  • Heal your illnesses.
  • Take control of your perceptions and emotions.
  • Shake off any fear of change that has been holding you back.

Change is good, accept that you will change for the better.


2. Prepare yourself for your transformation

Teach yourself how to relax.

You can meditate, practice yoga or do relaxation techniques so you can learn to make your brain default to being relaxed, rather than reactionary and illogical.

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3. Realize that there’s no escaping yourself

There is no escaping your internal world. You can try to free yourself from your inner torment by using external things (drugs, alcohol, junk food, work…) but afterwards, you will always be right back where you started.

Obviously, external things will not fix your internal problems.

At the end of every day… there you are, with yourself in your inner world. You are stuck with yourself, so you might as well become friends!


4. Get to know who you are – JOURNAL!

Introduce yourself to… yourself.


An introduction is how most friendships begin. Journaling is a way to get to know yourself, externalize feeling, and come to realizations about your enlightenment journey.
Think of journaling like talking with someone, only that other person is you.

But, you will write the conversation instead of actually be speaking aloud to yourself – that makes others think you’ve finally lost it.


Begin by asking yourself the classic question “Who am I?” then write out the answer.


Don’t worry about grammar, no one but you has to read it. So, just let it flow, non-stop for 15 minutes or more.


5. Love who you are

You will become your own healer and teacher so you must trust what you tell yourself.



Positive self-esteem is essential in order for you to believe you deserve enlightenment. It will also help ensure that you reach your full potential.

Without this foundation, you will always seek external sources of validation.  Know that you are lovable and amazing.


6. Stop Resisting

Stop resisting the universe and start living effortlessly. Don’t resist learning new things. Be open to new beliefs but only accept the ones that you feel are truthful.

Flow with the universe, don’t fight against it.


Learn to accept things you can’t change. Know you only have the power to change yourself. Allow other people to live as they choose and you focus on living your ideal life.


7. Release your attachments

Be aware that attachments to things outside of yourself (cars, shoes, ideas…) will lead to an infinite cycle of suffering. Once you surrender your perceived “need”, you will experience a profound change in your mindset.

Some people become attached to emotional wounds from the past, you will need to release these memories. Shift your awareness to what good things you are doing for yourself (like reading wisdom4freedom.com!) not what you have done wrong in the past.


Holding on to the past is destructive. You are only hurting yourself by holding on to a grudge. In truth, you can’t move on without forgiving yourself, others and the situation.  So, allow yourself to advance to the next level.

You will find that you don’t need to hold on to anything when you’re free.


8. Have the ability to laugh at yourself


Laughter can pull you through the roughest of times. It relieves stress and your fight-or-flight mindset. You have got to take the time to relax and have a good time (in moderation). Spend the time to give people your undivided attention and enjoy their company.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. You’re not hurting anyone and it’s your right to suck horribly until you’re a badass.

If you just laugh at yourself, others will sympathize with you.


9. Create your new life

Realize the many ways you might be sabotaging your dreams. Have you been procrastinating?


Do you focus on irrelevant things when you have important shit to do?

Ask yourself what you want from your life and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Write out the steps to your goals and include DEADLINES.


10. Surround yourself with positivity


Read enlightening blogs and books, watch motivating/ inspirational YouTubes. Be mindful of the negativity in the TV shows that you watch and the music you listen to. It may not seem detrimental at the time but in excess, it can impact your mindset.

Enlightenment, in the end, is about finding the best way for you to live your life. Passionately explore your path and have fun! If you’d like to be a little more enlightened each week, subscribe today!


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