Get Out of Debt with a Tiny House

Tiny homes have captured the hearts of people everywhere. These small spaces are allowing people to escape the crushing debt of owning a huge house. Not to mention, large homes are harmful to the economy (national debt) and the environment. 


There’s no reason to live in an over-sized/over-priced house. Most of the time people hang out in one small area in their house (usually a desk, chair or couch). The rest of the house is hardly used at all.

Anyone can do this. A 70-year-old man built his tiny home to live in for his retirement and a 13-year-old made one for $1,500! Teenagers are building tiny homes to live in when they go to college. Genius!

Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to a smaller living space.


  1. Modern life in a tiny home

Tiny houses have all the luxuries of a typical home (Wifi, electricity, water and air conditioning). Some tiny homes are portable, others are permanent. If you get a portable tiny house you could travel across the country and never pay for a hotel. You could park by a beautiful lake and have a shower, take a nap, wash clothes, cook or binge on Netflix?


You can also use your tiny house as a tool to help you achieve goals in life like getting out of debt.


2. Freedom From Debt

Living in a tiny house will save you so much money that you’ll easily get out of debt within a year or two. American mortgage debt had reached it’s highest peak of $13.15 TRILLION dollars! The 2008 housing crisis mortgage debt was $12.68 Trillion.


The cost difference between a typical house and a tiny house is gargantuan. In April 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau said that the average home’s sales price was $368,300.

A tiny home will only set you back $10 to $60 grand and you’re done paying rent or mortgage forever! What will you stress out about every month?

3. You Learn to Value Quality Over Quantity

A huge house feels empty. So, people go out and buy clutter to fill the house up (essentially making it feel smaller).

What they don’t realize is that all that junk adds stress to their lives. The clutter slowly takes over in piles, boxes, and bags of crap. Some people shove the junk into attics and closets, others buy a BIGGER house to store all their stuff!

Living in a tiny home requires you to de-clutter. You’ll also be less likely to accumulate clutter in the future because you won’t have room for it. More money for you to spend on awesome experiences and traveling!


4. Freedom to Travel


People love the freedom of owning a portable, house so they can travel and not have to stay in hotels.

A mini-home means more possibilities for you. You’re only limited by your imagination. Perhaps you want to live in the mountains or the countryside, or by the beach? A tiny home will allow you to go where you want and never have to pack a bag.


6. You’ll Make Less of an Impact On The Environment


A small living space will heat up and cool down more efficiently than a big house. Kiss those annoying electric and water bills goodbye! But, don’t forget the environment benefits tool!

Tiny homes are usually equipped with solar panels that pay for themselves over time! Some small homes use a windmill or a watermill for free power as well.



7. Design and Build Your Dream Home


You have lots of options for tiny home designing. You can have a full-sized kitchen, a bigger bathroom or a hot tub on your roof balcony!

Designing a small place costs much less than for a full-sized house. So, you can afford to design whatever you want and use quality materials.

You can really let your imagination run wild when you design your own tiny house. Secret passageways and hidden doors are always cool! If you’re a nonconformist/artist type, you could paint 3D optical illusions on the walls or ceilings!

You could even live in a floating micro-houseboat or a tiny tree house. There are tons of options.

 If more people lived in tiny homes it would help our economy, environment and get them out of debt.

Owning a home on your own land is freedom. Suppose someday the economy tanks, or there’s a water crisis, or hackers shut down the power grid? You wouldn’t even notice.

If you’re craving tiny house freedom you can browse many varieties of homes right here. Need more convenience? You can even order a tiny home from Amazon (free Prime shipping too!). Or you could just rent a tiny house for vacations or road trips here.


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