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How to Find Balance in Life by Fulfilling Your Human Needs

Unmet needs can lead to unhappiness, divorce, disorders, anger, and sometimes abuse. These human needs are running our actions and behaviors. We instinctively desire to satisfy them. Although we may appear different, we are all one. Gay, straight, bi-sexual, black, white or any other race or mixture of races- it doesn’t matter we are all human and we have the same essential needs to be our best.

Everyone has human needs that they are always attempting to fulfill. Wouldn’t life be easier if you knew what you needed and how to get it?

It’s important to know what you’ve got to do to be a happy and confident human. Unmet needs can lead to unhappiness, divorce, disorders, anger, and sometimes abuse.

These human needs are running our actions and behaviors. We instinctively desire to satisfy them. Although we may appear different we are all human. We have the same essential needs in order for us to be our best.


Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

In 1943, Abraham Maslow wrote an influential paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation”. In this paper, he wrote that humans have certain requirements to fulfill in order for them to be their best.


Maslow arranged them in a hierarchy of importance. After you pass the lower levels then you work on fulfilling the next higher need.

You will become a happier, healthier person after you fulfill the following requirements.


1. Physiological Human Needs

These needs Divide into 2 categories:

1. Homeostatic—the need to maintain an internal, biological balance. Whenever a substance in your body is lacking, there will be a desire to bring these levels back up.

2. Non-homeostatic- such as sleep and sex.


When someone is thirsty, tired or hungry, they’ll attempt to remedy their deficiencies. In contrast, if these needs aren’t met the person will be irritable, neurotic and anxious.


2. Safety Needs

After you take care of your physical requirements, safety needs take over. This has to do with the desire for a predictable, stable, ordered world.

If you don’t have stability, you’ll feel doubt and shame. These feelings can lead to an obsessive attempt for discipline and orderliness.


3. A Sense of Belonging and Love

After you take care of your physiological and safety needs, you’ll focus on your need to belong and to feel loved. People need to feel affection in relationships and have a sense of belonging to a group. This involves attaining relationships in general, for example, finding friends, sexual intimacy and having a supportive family.

Isolation can affect our well-being, mental health, emotional state, and behavior. We need regular quality contact with other people.

Maslow stated that neglecting these needs is the primary cause of mental disorders.


4. The Need for Esteem

Self esteem needs compel people to gain respect from themselves and from others. They seek to gain recognition and have an activity that gives them a sense of contribution. This helps them to feel accepted and self-valued.

If people don’t have esteem, they’ll have thoughts and feelings of inferiority.



5. Cognitive Human Needs

People need to be mentally challenged or they will get bored and apathetic towards life. They satisfy this necessity by exploring and learning about things they find interesting.


6. Aesthetic Needs

You can fulfill your aesthetic needs by surrounding yourself with beauty and art. People feel better when they are in an aesthetically pleasing environment. However, if you aren’t you will feel depressed. We all need beauty, art, balance, and form our lives.


7. Self-Actualization

Self-actualization is the need to make the most of one’s abilities and to strive to become their best.

Maslow wrote,

“Humans must be true to their own nature. This need we may call self-actualization … It refers to people’s desire for self-fulfillment, namely, the tendency for them to become actualized in what they are potentially.”


8. Self-transcendence

Lastly, Maslow added self-transcendence to the top of the pyramid. This is about overcoming your past limitations with contemplation and awakenings. They’re focused on thoughts and values that transcend beyond themselves.


Hence, when you meet your human needs, you’ll feel better, happier and have more confidence. Every day of your life you are unconsciously striving to meet these needs. I assure you that knowing your human needs and reaching them, will transform your life.

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