Do you know if you’ve been programmed? Are you happy with your path in life?

Is that all what you REALLY want for your life? Would making your parents proud of you, make the inner you, satisfied with what you’ve done with your life?

I am not the wisest of all people but I am a truth seeker and within truth is wisdom. I’ve had years of contemplation, several near-death experiences and I believe that life is invaluable and should be treasured while you have it.

No one should ever waste their life just to appease other people. If you don’t plan your life (or program yourself), someone else will, and that most likely won’t be to your benefit.

We have one thing in life and that is life.

This is the ONE AND ONLY TIME (as far as we know) that you get to be here alive. Don’t waste it trying to fulfill your parent’s fantasies and religious belief’s their parents programmed into them.  

You don’t have to live the ideal life of someone, a generation before you wanted. Things change. The Cold War is OVER. We no longer should think we have to go to college, get married, pay taxes, have kids and die. There is much more to living than being a human clone and hoping nobody notices that you are a weirdo inside.


Psst! We are all weirdos inside and everyone else is hiding it too. Break out of the facade and be brave enough to let your inner weirdness out. People might be inspired by you and bust out of their illusion of normalcy also. You were not meant to be a robot you were meant to be a unique individual.

Screw it if people think you are odd … they just don’t have the balls to express their inner weirdness. Weird is good. People that talk shit about you are not the people you WANT to be around anyway. Tell them to look the other way if they don’t like what they see.

If they cannot pry themselves away from obsessing about you then just block, ignore or un-friend them. Seriously, even family. You are not a bad person if you choose to not listen to negativity. They don’t deserve to be able to talk to you if they can’t be supportive or nice. You are worth more than that and bloodlines do not mean you have to be at the mercy of their passive aggressive comments for life.

You don’t have time for that BS.


There is no time to waste because you are the ONLY YOU EVER, you’re rarer than any diamond. Remember that when you think of answering that call or responding defensively to a hater’s text.

Don’t think that you have to defend yourself against them. That’s not your job to prove your worthiness… just know you are worthy no matter what anyone says, have quiet, unbreakable confidence.


In the end, realize that it’s your job to program yourself how you see fit. Relationships will come and go throughout life, but the one you have with yourself will be with you till your last breath. So, you might as well get along with yourself, do work that you are passionate about and live your life according to your standards.

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