I’m Going Off the Grid

I’m moving off the grid this Saturday. My husband and I are all packed up to move to the mountains. I’ve wanted to live off-grid for about 7 or 8 years now. It couldn’t come sooner. It’s horrifically hot in Houston.

Girl running in the mountains

It’s stressful to move 1,000 miles away but it’s worth it to be back in the Colorado Rockies. I’ve never lived off-grid before but I’m sick of city life.

Who knows what will happen but I’m excited for this adventure. Living off-the-grid means true freedom to me.

It won’t matter who’s running the country because me and my husband will run our own 40-acre micro “country”.


If there’s a water shortage, we’ll have our well. The electrical grid can go down but we’ll have our solar panels.

Anyways, I probably won’t be working on wisdom4freedom anymore. So, this is the last post. I wish the best life for everyone who subscribed (and even those who didn’t). I hope you find your own personal freedom too. Much love, Sheryl.

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