My Life Lessons from Near-Death Experiences

On Jan 9th 2015, I had a massive asthma attack and ended up in ICU with a tube down my throat in my lungs with a balloon (intubated).

It really made me think about things like life, death and religion.Religion can be very detrimental.

It can make a good person feel they are worthless and think they’re a sinner. They can try to become “perfect” so they can feel “okay” with themselves. Unfortunately, perfection will never be reached. Their life turns into an endless struggle for some impossible dream their parents instilled in them.

Likewise, your parents were told this false belief system by their parents, so they aren’t to blame. I will just roughly tell you the basic lessons I’ve learned from life and death. I will elaborate later.

1. The Mind

The mind and thought processes have the power to kill and heal the body. So be careful how you think. 


2. All Religions

When people don’t understand something, they make up the answers. At least question what is told to you.


3. Praying is just a way of talking to yourself (your mind).

Your mind has the power to alter your reality. It can heal you and has created everything around you right now. This doesn’t mean you should worship yourself or your mind.

4. There is no filtering (good or bad) process after death.

People can’t understand not existing anymore, they want to believe they will live forever in some aspect. So they’ve made up stories to believe. To date no one has lived forever nor have any people been found on top of the clouds.


5. Think with Logic not Fairy Tales


If our souls lived after our bodies died, it would be a completely different experience. We wouldn’t be able to see anymore without eyes. Nor could we interact with the physical world without a physical body. You’d have no thoughts or memories without a brain.


6. Heaven and Hell are Bribes


Heaven or hell (in all religion varieties) are overly elaborate bribes for societies to behave a certain way. Some of the morals are beneficial but take everything with a grain of salt.

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