6 Myths You Probably Still Believe

There are many myths still going strong (despite the fact that most people have the ability to Google). Some of these “tall tales” are dangerous to believe. Others might make sense, so you decide to believe them. It’s always better to know the truth. So, do yourself a favor and learn the truth about the following myths.

Myth #1: The Dark Side of the Moon

When you look at the moon through a telescope, you’ll notice that you see the same craters every night. Some people believe the other side of the moon must never see the light of day and must be frozen solid. This isn’t true.

The moon orbits once on its axis every time (28 days) it rotates around the earth. It is constantly spinning and moving. It’s an illusion that it appears to always face us because we are spinning too. If we could see the moon during the day we would then see the other side of the moon.


Myth #2: People Who Do Drugs are “Losers”


I’m not saying you should try drugs, but you should awaken to the fact that many drug users are good, intelligent people. Many of them have changed the world. That doesn’t mean you will have the same result.

Just because a doctor gives you your drug of choice does NOT mean it’s safe to eat like candy. Prescription pain killers seriously kill more people than street drugs do. Every medication or drug should be taken with wisdom and caution. You must know what you’re doing, research the drug inside and out and must also build the self-control to exercise moderation.

People that misuse drugs and haven’t studied its history, side-effects, or possible interaction with other drugs; can end up in big trouble or possibly dead. So, it’s not for the ignorant or the glutton.

The following chart shows successful people who’ve used drugs.

Successful Drug Users


Proof They Aren’t “Losers”

Drug(s) of Choice

Maya Angelou

Best-selling writer, singer, and civil rights activist.

Angelou has stated that when she was young she used to

 “smoke marijuana with abandon.”

Richard Feynman

A major celebrity of the physics world, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Marijuana and LSD

Carl Sagan

Astrophysicist  – not a “loser’s job”

“Closet” weed smoker and LSD enthusiast.

Francis Crick

Crick discovered the double helix in DNA while tripping.


Steve Jobs

Co-founder of Apple

LSD and Weed

Michael Bloomberg Billionaire, philanthropist, former NYC Mayor, and the founder of Bloomberg L.P

When he was asked in an interview if he ever smoked marijuana, he replied 

“You bet I did! And I enjoyed it.”

Bill Gates

Richest man on the planet, inspired the era of the Personal Computer. Major philanthropist.

LSD and weed.

Hunter S. Thompson Accomplished author, activist, and journalist.

Massive amounts of Cocaine, LSD, Mescaline, Alcohol, Weed …. etc.

Drugs save lives every day and they make being alive tolerable to some. But it’s your responsibility to be conscious of what you put in your body. Never take a drug if you don’t know what it is. If you can’t do them responsibly then you are better off not dabbling at all.


So, whether you smoke marijuana, drink beer, or take your pain medication a bit too much; we all have our vices and that’s okay. As long as you aren’t hurting others then you are free to try and balance your chemicals. Ingesting things does not make someone a “loser”, nor does it make them a bad person.


Myth #3: Antibiotics kill viruses.

When I was in an Intensive Care Unit for an appendectomy (that went all kinds of wrong), I was on antibiotics because my organs were infecting and shutting down. I was there for a month and the bacteria would become resistant to the antibiotic after several days or a week. If I didn’t keep switching them then I wouldn’t be writing this to you now.

Bacteria have been here since the beginning of life. Thankfully we have antibiotics but if you’re taking them too much they’ll soon be as good as a sugar pill for combating infection.

So, take antibiotics seriously and only use them if you have a bacterial infection. If you take them whenever you have a cold or the flu (viral illnesses) it will only help you get better via the placebo effect. Viruses aren’t affected by antibiotics.  Suppose later that week you get a horrible infection, but your body is now resistant to antibiotics. You won’t have much of a chance to survive.

Myth #4: You Become a Male or Female at Conception

At the time of conception, you can either get 2 “X” chromosomes (and later become a female) or you get an “X” and a “Y” (and later become a male). But, the “Y” chromosome takes it’s time to activate. So, therefore we are all physically female for the first 5-6 weeks of life!

The following story is true. Only the personified “X” and “Y” were made up.

5 weeks after conception the “X” (female) chromosome is the only one working to build the embryo. She’s angry at her partner (the “Y” chromosome) for not helping her. “X” chromosome yells “I could use some help around here!”. “Y” chromosome mumbles back “I’ll get to that later.” 

“X” storms away threatening to not come back. “Y” realizes he needs to get up and make some massive changes. And that he did, thinking “I’ll show her!” He initiates the “SRY” gene and starts transforming. “X” is happy to see his effort and backs off. Then the SRY gene takes over to inhibit the “X” gene and build upon the “Y” (male) attributes.

Brace yourself, this is seriously the changes that occur:

  • Ovaries descend (drop) and become testicles.
  • The labia fuse together to become the scrotum. There is a line of tissue down the center of the scrotum where the labia fused together.
  • The clitoris grows into a penis.

So, if you know a sexist or homophobic guy, you now know how ignorant he is. We all used to physically be female!

Male or female we are all awesome creatures. Respect females because we all used to be one and none of us would be here without them.


Myth #5: Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

Many young girls were told to wait a long time before they start shaving their legs because shaving will cause the hair to become thicker. At first, that does seem to be the case, the hair does feel more coarse when it grows back.

Long ago, I came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to alter your DNA by running a razor over your skin. Also, if you imagine looking at a pre-shaved hair that is growing back. Its base is naturally the thickest part of the hair shaft.

Plus, can you imagine how horrifyingly thick, older ladies leg hair would be after shaving for decades? It’d be like sprouting branches out of your legs.


Myth #6: The Order In Which You Drink Different Kinds Of Alcohol Affects Drunkenness

Have you ever heard the saying “Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear”? Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to experiment with this theory multiple times in my 20’s and I’m here to say it is not true. You’re welcome.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter which type of alcohol you choose it matters how much alcohol you drink in total.

In short, always question the universe. The next time someone tries to BS you with the above myths you’ll be able to show them the truth.

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