Original Thinkers and The 10 Keys to Unlock Your Creative Genius

10 Features of an Original Thinker and How to Unlock Your Creative Genius

Original thinkers are the best business innovators and leader. Original thinkers are nonconformists that speak out and use their creativity to change the planet. They have brilliant ideas that no one thought of before and will blast through the haters to reach their goal.

People might try to stifle originals because they aren’t brave enough to attract extra attention. If you are hiring others,look out for the following signs of an original thinker because they’re the reason for  innovations that sky-rocket sales. You want them on your team.

The signs of an original thinker:

1. They are extremely curious about everything

Original thinkers are very complex and they want to know as much as possible. They’ll ask or research to find the answers they crave.

2. They procrastinate

Originals will do anything to avoid the task at hand. Procrastination is their weakness. While procrastinating, they mull over thoughts to extract the best ideas.

Original thinkers like to marinate in their thoughts, instead of snatching them up. They thoroughly think about all aspects of the idea before acting on it. This can look like laziness or irresponsibility.

3. They are afraid of failing, but more afraid to not try

On someone’s death bed they tend to think back on their life and the possible successes they didn’t allow themselves to have. There might have been a book they wanted to write, but didn’t. They may have chosen to never move from their hometown and they feel they have lost out on many life experiences.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation — Herman Melville

4. Original thinkers have a strong drive and are self-motivated with their goals

They love to strive for their goals. Progress is happiness (as with most people).

5. They aren’t afraid to question long-held societal beliefs

Like I said earlier, these people are super curious. They don’t accept spoon-fed information just because everyone else does. They question things and research or experiment to find the truth. This brings me to my next point.

6. They are major nonconformists

Steve Jobs used to walk around with bare feet whether people thought he was crazy for it. He didn’t seem to care that he always wore a turtleneck sweater. Original thinkers don’t have time to worry about if other’s like them or not. Einstein had some crazy, troll hair, but it didn’t concern him because he had an ultimate goal to strive for everyday. Salvador Dali was… well… way out there… and he loved it.

7. They are highly creative

You can’t come up with brilliant, unique ideas or solutions if you don’t have a wealth of creativity. If you are truly creative then you don’t need to copy other’s idea or systems, you come up with them on your own.playing-guitar

8. They are confident about their ideas

Original thinkers are confident in their ideas because they have analyzed it before sharing with others or creating it. They know it is a great idea.

9. They do have bad ideas as well

Original thinkers will have some lame ideas like anyone else. This is because of their sheer volume of ideas has to include some bad ones.

10. They get in trouble

If you find yourself interviewing people, don’t immediately disregard those who were fired in the past. In fact, consider them more intensely. Steve Jobs even got fired. Look for any insubordinate types that were actually great innovators.

Original Thinkers and The 10 Keys to Unlock Your Creative Genius

Business consultant Adam Grant has said that anyone can become an original. He said, “Take Sarah Robb O’Hagan. She held senior roles at both Virgin and Atari and got fired at both. A deadbeat right? Afterward, she got a job at Nike and then became president of Gatorade and Equinox”.

He said that when she spoke at his class, she cussed 6 times in the first 5 minutes. She talked about being fired and how destructive it was to her career. She also told the group about not being afraid to make mistakes.

Grant described her as being someone who doesn’t care what others think or trying to fit in. He said:

“At Gatorade, she championed many ideas that nobody liked. For one, she said it shouldn’t be just a sports drink, but a sports performance company. Everyone hated those ideas . . . until they eventually rescued the brand.”

While its true that some people are naturally original thinkers, everyone can become more original. They just need to think up ideas to make the world a better place. Try the following methods to become an original thinker and boost your chances of success.

How to become an original

What kind of questions do you ask yourself – any self-uncertainty or idea doubt? Turn your questions around by re-framing them as idea doubt, and notice the distinction it makes to your life.

  • Tune in to the messages you tell yourself when you fail

Rather than considering failure to stop doing what you’re doing, use it as a chance to create and grow. Tell yourself that you are not there yet, and learn from your mistakes.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

Create certainty by making a move, particularly when the activity includes risks and disappointment. Get outside your comfort zone.

  • Begin with little goals

Small goals enable you to develop and pick up confidence. In the event that you come up short, consider how you can improve next time and attempt it once more.


Becoming an original thinker is essential to reaching your highest potential as a person. Your beliefs guide you throughout your life. Don’t you think you should believe the truth and not stories people have told you in the past? Research things for yourself. Seek the truth.

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