How to Find Balance in Life by Fulfilling Your Human Needs

Unmet needs can lead to unhappiness, divorce, disorders, anger, and sometimes abuse. These human needs are running our actions and behaviors. We instinctively desire to satisfy them. Although we may appear different, we are all one. Gay, straight, bi-sexual, black, white or any other race or mixture of races- it doesn’t matter we are all human and we have the same essential needs to be our best.

10 Reasons NOT to Go to College

Decades ago, having a college degree meant that you could get a job but today employers are more inclined to hire you if you come toting 4 years of hands-on experience and an impressive portfolio, rather than a paper to prove that you were a decent test taker in school.

The Importance of Existentialism in Your Life

We are completely free to choose how we live life and it is our responsibility to make those choices and not let someone else do it for you. We will all eventually have to accept and exist with life’s issues. You must consider them before it’s too late. Avoiding reality is not going to change it.

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