How to Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

Obstacles are inevitable. No one is immune to the vicissitudes of life. The way people choose to deal with these problems will determine their level of success in life.

Suppose you go through a horrible break-up, but instead of over-eating, moping and collecting cats, you use your time to improve yourself.

Then eventually you’ll meet your ideal match and your life will be better off. You’ll be glad you went through the painful breakup. Bad things happen for good reasons.

What’s the biggest obstacle or problem in your life right now?

Analyze your problem from all angles until you find the hidden lesson the universe is trying to teach you. Once you find out what you need to do to get past the obstacle, stop focusing on it. Thinking about the issue will only make you fearful of it.

 When you are in a slump, don’t think that you can ride it out and it’ll disappear. Chances are it will only get worse. You are the CEO of your life, you can’t let problems build up. You need to take action on them immediately. 

If you have control over the outcome, then don’t just hope or pray it all works itself out. You have the power to change it for the better, so you’ll need to get to work. 

The following tips will help you take advantage of your obstacles.


1. All Obstacles are Life Lessons

Have you ever felt like that guy? Sometimes life tries to knock some sense into us. Many people need a catastrophe to happen before they think of changing their behavior. The Universe is trying to tell you what you need to learn so you can move on in life. 

You can either get beaten up by your obstacles or learn to take advantage of them and come out on top. Don’t let obstacles block your way to happiness.

React in a calm, cool, stoic demeanor, then look for the solution right away.

For example, if you got fired then you can use your extra time to fine-tune your skills, explore other jobs. You might get your dream job and a new passion in life. 

Make sure you learn from the challenge, otherwise you’ll have this problem many more times. It will show up in multiple areas of your life and it won’t go away until you conquer it.

[bctt tweet=”In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” — Albert Einstein” username=”PhoenixWisdom1″] 


2. Think of The Obstacle with a Different Perspective

If you’re climbing a mountain don’t look down. It will throw you off your game, all your focus will vanish. Then all your courage leaves too. You won’t reach the top if you can’t stop obsessing about the potential failure.

Keep focusing on your goal and don’t let any distracting thoughts or worries hold you back. 


3. Think about what you can control.


We don’t always have power over unfortunate events, but we can always choose our attitude in response to them. The things we don’t have control over, we must accept them and move on.

[bctt tweet=”The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way. — Marcus Aurelius” username=”PhoenixWisdom1″]

It only makes sense for you to think of the things you can do to alleviate the situationThere’s no use in wasting time and energy obsessing about hardships from long ago. Your past doesn’t define you unless you allow it to.


4. What are You Going to Do to Defeat Your Barrier?

  • Think of the biggest issue (that you have control over) in your life right now.
  • Ask yourself why this is an issue?
  • Then ask“Why?” again.
  • Keep asking “Why?” until you can’t answer “Why?” anymore, then you’ve reached the core of your issue.

Your goal is now to conquer that main problem.


5. Be determined to get past the obstacle.

Brainstorm several ideas you could try to eliminate the blockade between you and your ultimate success. Choose the best way to overcome it, then break that down into actionable steps.

In short, everyone goes through hard times eventually in their life, that’s how we grow. Change your perspectives about your obstacles. Don’t focus on the problem, find the solution and hone-in on that. 


Never use your past as an excuse to live a miserable life, because you now have the wisdom and power to overcome your obstacles.  When have you taken an obstacle and turned it into an opportunity?


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