Reasons to Have Solitude

Solitude will allow you to examine your life and will enable you to realize what your next move should be. Having the ability to step back from the chaos of the world and concentrate, is essential for focus.

Spending time alone is essential in learning who you are.  In solitude you can discover who you are, what you believe and what you should do with your life this is psychologically essential to your well-being.

You might have life-changing ideas bubbling in your soul right now. Although, you won’t discover them unless you leave the crowd and find solitude.


Know that you deserve your own awesome reality created by and for you, rather than the path others have laid out for you.

The best way (although not the only way) to experience solitude is while you’re in silence with no distractions.

Every time we are waiting in line, we whip out our phones. Whenever we get in the car, we listen to music. If our apartment or home is quiet we turn on the TV. Technology can spoil our ability to be alone.

No matter where you live or who you live with, you can have solitude. There are even benefits from taking only 5-15 minutes of alone time.

Some people fear being alone to think. Solitude isn’t scary and it doesn’t mean you can’t have friends, it means that now you take the time to be your own friend as well. This is using your spare time in the most effective way possible.

You never know, you might learn something about who you are!

Solitude can help you to take a break and examine your life. From there, you can find the answers.

The answers are within you.

Spend time with yourself to find the solutions to your most tormenting of issues. Distracting yourself from your thoughts will not make them easier to find.

Interacting with people can be like a chess game. We change how we behave in response to how others act. Most of this game is played subconsciously. Sure, we tend to adapt to situations, but it still takes a toll on you.


I’m not saying you should sell all your stuff, move to the woods and live as a hermit. Don’t cut off all of your friends and replace them with cats!


Being around others can be beneficial, in moderation, but constantly being absorbed in society can be soul sucking.

So, if you feel tired and depressed it could be because you’ve been around too many people that day.

What can you GAIN from SOLITUDE?



Solitude will allow you to examine your life and will enable you to realize what your next move should be. Having the ability to step back from the chaos of the world and concentrate, is essential for focus.



In the case of many large groups, the leader is an intensely solitary individual because superior concentration has massive benefits for them and ultimately for the people that they lead. Being alone helps leaders to accomplish their daily goals and be more productive.


Who doesn’t want more creativity? While you‘re alone you can hone-in on your craft and possibly change your world!

Famous musicians, artists, and geniuses spend massive amounts of time in solitude fine-tuning their skills. Over time, they transform themselves into a master of their field.

artist-drawing playing-guitar

Solitude Will Help You Through the HARD TIMES



In difficult times, the instinct is often to reach out for support. Solitude has been proven to be therapeutic. Perhaps we should be seeking within to find the answers. 

During World War II, psychiatrist Viktor Frankl was captured by Nazis and imprisoned in Auschwitz concentration camp.

He was still able to find peace by escaping into solitude, even while surrounded by death.

He wrote of his experiences and later he published them in his famous book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” where he wrote:

“There were times, of course, when it was possible, and even necessary, to keep away from the crowd. . . . The prisoner craved to be alone with himself and his thoughts. He yearned for privacy and for solitude. After my transportation to a so-called ‘rest-camp’ I had the rare fortune to find solitude for about five minutes at a time. Behind the earthen hut where I worked and in which were crowded about fifty delirious patients, there was a quiet spot in a corner of the double fence of barbed wire surrounding the camp. A tent had been improvised there with a few poles and branches of trees in order to shelter a half-dozen corpses (the daily death rate in the camp).”

Ways to Enjoy Some Solitude Today

  • Wake up a little earlier and sit with some coffee and think about things, before your day starts. I prefer staying up after most people are asleep for this.
  • You could also go for a walk alone and admire nature while listening to the wind blow through the trees.
  • Have a spare moment? Sit in a quiet room and write.

Enjoy the silence, it’s a good thing. Let it free you from the anxieties of the day.


You can experience solitude at any moment. Ideally, in a quiet and distraction-less environment, but deal with what you’ve got. You can train yourself to block out external stimuli.

You can become a better leader, more creative and help you get through rough times in life find your identity in solitary moments while writing down what you believe in (not what others have told you to believe).

What’s important to you? What are your goals? Solitude will enable you to return to society with more confidence to take control of your life and your circumstances.

So… how will you find the time for solitude today?

Well, you’ve made it this far so I have deemed you to be strong enough to be a truth seeker. All the cowards of the world can keep hiding from the truth. Denying themselves of valuable bits of wisdom that would of catapulted them into  success. Therefore, YOU are invited to join my elite group of subscribers for more life-changing wisdom sent to you weekly! Free 4 Life!

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